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Café Logo Design


Cookies & Steam



This is a personal project based on a made-up café.

I built a deck and pitched various possible designs for Cookies & Steam. The final design was produced in two different colours, making it suitable for light and dark backgrounds.

Project Break Down

Cafe Logo Slides.001.jpeg
Cafe Logo.002.jpeg

The first thing I did was design the brand. I came up with the name, "Cookies & Steam", created a brand personality, chose three brand values, and wrote a mission statement. Lastly, I chose one font and four colours that capture it all.

Cafe Logo.003.jpeg

I put together a brief outlining exactly what the client is asking for.

Because the brand is just starting up and has not had any previous logos, the client submitted various logo inspirations.









Note: this inspiration board was built based on images found on Pinterest. 

Cafe Logo.006.jpeg
Cafe Logo.005.jpeg
Cafe Logo.004.jpeg

I was also given images of the café itself and some of the products the logo would be printed on. This was extremely helpful as I went into the design stage in visualizing what would and wouldn't work.

I noticed that a lot of the logos provided for inspiration were round and incorporated florals. I used this to guide me in creating four rough sketches for "Cookies & Steam".


Since the logo heavily focuses on the name of the café and the client wants the logo to be recognizable even without it, I made sure each component was relevant to coffee. Thus, a ring of stained coffee, beans, and the plant itself are depicted in my designs.

Cafe logo sketches

Once the client settled on the design, I created a couple of different versions of it. Moreover, to emphasize its adaptability, I demonstrated its use on a light and dark background, and played with the brand colours.  

I felt that the lines-only logo leaned more on the rustic side, while the coloured logo was more playful and approachable. Even though, in my opinion, the first logo more closely aligned with the brief, I still wanted the client to see something that included all colours in the palette provided.


The client decided on a lines only, monotone logo, in their lightest and darkest brand colours. 

Cafe Logo Mockups
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