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Save the Date



This is a personal project that I created for Dylan Mierzwinski's class on Skillshare, "Watch Me Work: Real Client Design Projects​.

I created a save the date for a to-be wed couple. 

Project Break Down



Save the Date (emphasis on this text)

Niesha & Jonathan are tying the knot

June 28th, Two Thousand Twenty (or 2020, open to how numbers are written)

Paradera, Aruba

Formal invitation to follow

Details can be found at

I began by putting together a mood ​board showing design elements and ideas that came to mind based on the provided brief.

Untitled_Artwork 1 (2).jpg

I created two rough front and back designs for the product that clearly indicate the way the text and images would interact. 

For the first design, I wanted to include elements that are undeniably tropical and play with negative space to make the text pop and the design fun. I was inspired by the client's working colour palette when creating this.

In contrast to the busy first design, I wanted to offer the client a more minimal option as well. I really liked the flamingo, so I carried it into the second design and added another. This gave it a romantic feel.

I wanted to create colour roughs for each design because I felt the sketches alone were unable to convey the feeling behind the designs I had in mind.

I took the opportunity to provide the client with a couple of different options so they could really get a sense of how colour affects the overall design and could emphasize the initial feeling. 

From the beginning, I imagined certain text to be done with gold embossment. I used the colour roughs to indicate that here. 


The client decided to move forward with the second design, opting for a more minimal look.

I played with the colour of the typography to bring the 'fun' element into the design. However, I still thought the simple, black and white text worked well and wanted to offer this to the client. Again, the gold border and text were pitched as embossed details.

I came up with 6 designs that I thought worked well. Then, I created a backside using the text colours and information relevant to each design.


It was in designing the backside that I narrowed the design down to two (the first and the last) contenders. I realized that having the information in white was too difficult on the eyes and the white and black combination was just too boring!

Also, the text alone looked too bare, so decided to break it up and add an image. I wanted it to be something simple, that wouldn't compete with the front of the card. I decided to add a tropical plant in gold embossment. 

I sent both colour compositions to the client, and they got back to me with their final choice: the pink and white text!

Save the Date Front
Save the Date Back
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