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Alyse Mercey

Artist and illustrator based in Canada

Hi! I'm Alyse.

I'm 26 years old and make art in my two bedroom apartment turned art studio that I share with my partner.

Upon graduating from university in 2019, I moved to PEI where I established myself as a professional artist. A couple of years later, in the fall of 2021, we relocated to Ottawa, ON. 

Besides making art, I also love teaching yoga, drinking coffee, reading books, writing stories, and cuddling cats. 

 I'm constantly expanding my practice as a way to channel my inner child and bring bursts of magic into my life. A sense of inner peace and genuine joy is all I ask from my practice - anything and everything else is just a bonus that I'm incredibly grateful for.

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Are you interested in working with gouache, but don’t know where to start? Take my 15 minute class on Skillshare!

In just 15 minutes, you’ll have all the tools and tricks you need to create your own beautiful gouache illustrations, including:

  • Which paper works best with gouache

  • How to choose and mix colours 

  • How to layer the paint

  • Ways to add detail


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Solo Exhibitions

2021 - The Gallery Coffee House and Bistro, Charlottetown, PE. Canada. 

2021 - The Guild "At Play" Charlottetown, PE. Canada.

Group Exhibitions

2022 - Obscura Tattoo Art Show & Makers Market Ottawa, ON. Canada.

2021 - Receiver Coffee via Peake Street Collective, "Remote Transmissions" Charlottetown, PE. Canada. 

2021 - Golisano Health Leadership Award Presentation at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery via Special Olympics PEI Charlottetown, PE. Canada.

2020 - Nimrods via This Town is Small "Magic in the Mundane" Stratford, PE. Canada.

Publications & Collaborations

MRC X Alyse Mercey, Miramichi River Co., August 2021.

"COVID-19- A Documentation of the Canadian Experience", Wandering Autumn Magazine, August 2021.

"International Women's Day Mini Issue", Wandering Autumn Magazine, March 2021.

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